We advice, design and deploy the best security solutions that fits every business size.

We have the knowlege, the tools and the experience to build the most secured enviroment to our customers.

Together we choos the best solution based on our customers need and budget.

As a pertner of word leaders solutions we have a line of products to protect  our customers from almost any attack, from the local network, virtual and phisical devices, mobile devices and even SCADA systems that are mostly mission critical systems.

Backup and Cloud


Based on our customer enviroment we are designing and implementing word leaders solutions of backup.

We are aware that reliable backup is on of the most important parts of each organisation, thats why we have special solutions for each scenario.

We know to beckup virtualized enviroments and phisical enviroment, but most important we know how to be sure they are reliable.

With our solutions we can provide cost efective Cloud based solutions and we know to combind all solutins togeter to fit our customers needs.



We are planin and implementiing all kind of IT infrastructurs.

from the lowest level of cabeling to the very top level of secured infrastructures.

We are implementing phisical security solutions from managed door locks to DVR systems, regular PBX and IP PBX.

we know how to design the best infrastrusture that fits all size of business with a focal point on stability and secure enviroment.

We know how to make it flexible and easy to manage and we can make up and runing in the fastest way with almost any budget. 



Solutions we are proud to provide to our customers:


IT Management and OutSourcing


We are offering our customers lots of options to work with us, from the very simple way of support per call to a monthly or yearly payment or even a full outsource  IT management by one of out specialists.

Our customers decide what best for them and we provide it.

We are doing it at evry hour of the day, because we are providing 4x7x24 support to the customerswith that kind of contract, but we wil never say no to any of out customers even if they do not have a contract but they need us.

We believe the satisfied customers will always bring more customers and thats why we are always giving the very best suport we can.