Expert2IT established in 2011 by Gil Peled.

With lots of experience in IT management, security, infrastructure and with deep understanding in today business needs, we decided to bring it all together for establishing a company that thinks different, act faster and bring the most value added solutions for each business.

We believe that every customer know exactly what he wants, and we are here to make it happen in the most effective way.

We are partners / resellers of  some of best solutions on the market that we believe they are those ones that bring the best results in all aspects.

We provide large range of solutions from physical infrastructure to virtual environment and cloud solutions.

we believe that every business needs a special IT suite, and we established Expert2IT exactly for this reason.

Our customers benefits from the best solutions with the best support we can provide.

As the world become more and more connected and more devices are added to each business, the best platform is needed to provide the best security an management and we have the experience and tools that are needed to provide those.

A wise man once said "Never trust anybody" while we say "Never trust anybody but Expert2IT".






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