We bring the smartest Information Technologies

Solutions​ for every business.

We at Expert2IT believe that choosing the right solutions for each business can make the IT smarter, safer, faster and more reliable then ever.

We are doing the work with you and for you.

As a partners of market leader solutions, we can provide each business the best IT solutions.

Cloud Computing

As a partners / resellers of market leader companies like Microsoft, Google, PublicFolders and more.

We can provide each business the right cloud solution to fit its needs.

We do not believe that the the sky is the limit but we do believe that the cloud is the future.


We are always looking for the best security solutions.

​Threats and online terror became very aggressive and need a reliable, effective and very smart solutions.

That's why we choose very carefully our solutions and we test them deeply before we decide to provide them. 


Mobiles devices are deeply implemented in each business today.

As a need to be always connected to the online resources like mails, corporate apps, Social networks and more.

Mobiles needs to be well managed by the IT to keep them and the corporate system safe. 

1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Security, risk management

3. Infrastructure & Cloud       Computing

We are here for helping you find the right IT solutions.

We have the experience, knowledge, connections and partnerships.

You have your vision.

Together we can make it alive and running.

From physical infrastructure to the clouds and virtual solutions.

From desktops to servers and mobile devices.

We are here to provide and build the solution with you and for you.